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Don't Buy a Franchise, Get our UnFranchise™ for a Buck.

The residential cleaning industry is a $6.05 billion industry that is highly fragmented. Not to mention the low investment opportunity that the home cleaning industry provides.

Reasons to UnFranchise™ with Us

Your Name-Phone Number Appears at the top of Website

  In your area your phone number will appear at the top of the website and your name appears instead of "StaeCourse Partner" for only $10/month for us to maintain our information on website. If a customer calls you directly, you do not owe us a thing. If our call center or our concierge service places the customer to you, you pay us 15% of the job total as long as they remain a customer.

    Affordable start-up costs
Most Franchises charge alot of money upfront before you even get started. We charge a low amount upfront. Giving you the best possible advantage. Your success is our success.

    Protected Territories
We give our territories enough distancing not to overlap. For example in the State of Michigan there is only 14 Territories.

    Proven Business Formula that works
We let you share all our intellectual properties. Including customer lead programs, national answering for your local telephone, Our website personalized with your information, Search Engine Optimization on website, Local advertising that works, business cards, letter heads, invoices, portable credit card equipment, National insta Quote App, disinfecting formulas, and a lot more. Your Success is Our Success.

    Rent a Green Box Program
Renting Hard Plastic Countainers is a Business in itself. We are incorporating this business within our business for our customers. It's also a great way to preview a Home before the move takes place. You can make an extra $100 to $300 per Job. We also have an alternative for our customer to order on-line at Lowe's and buy materials deliveredand return materials not used for a refund. However, Renting Plastic is Cheaper and Safer. It is also better for our enviroment. It takes one tree to make 100 cardboard boxes. Save a Tree!

    Mover Rebate Program
This program is a hugh winner. Your customer will get rebates on services to their new home and you will get a commission on that rebate. Everybody Wins! here is an example: A customer signs up with electricity at their new home with our rebate. They get an instant $100 rebate off their moving bill with us. you get $100 back plus $50 commission, because you are one of our associates.*

    It’s more than moving, It’s personal
Because our moving team services customers our stress free we get to know on our customers on a personal basis. Our customers trust us to treat their homes and lives as we would our own. Most important we are keeping your family safe by practicing anti-coronavirus guidelines. We also have our own disinfecting service.

    Your own UnFranchise™ Business for only $1
Don't Buy a Franchise. Get an UnFranchise™. We give you a Territory and you pay for our time to help make you successful. Your Success is Our Success! We are not a Franchise; we are an Un-Franchise. You pay a monthly flat rate and small percentage for our support, expertise, and use of our name. A Franchise Fee for this type of business can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000. All we ask for is $1 to buy the unFranchise Territory and $25 per month afterwards to maintain website and intellectual properties. If we did not believe in our plan that much and have a total vested interest in you and your area, we would never offer this In House Program. If you currently own a moving business and convert your business to our UnFranchise™. Your Success is Our Success! WhitePaper-TwoHelpersandaTruck.

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Here are a small list of great things we do for you:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Training Tips
  • Word Strategies
  • Video Tutorials
  • Learning Support
  • Group Coaching
  • Training Certification Courses
  • Certification Awards of Completed Courses
  • Membership in IAPMH
  • Personalized Answering Service
  • Shared Scheduling Software
  • Keep Current in Industry Changes
  • Prepared Forms (checklists, invoices, Documents)
  • Lead Generation SEO Optimization
  • Google and other Advertsing Services
  • Courses on Hiring and Firing

Get an unFranchise for a $1


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